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What I am about to tell you shouldn't be shared.   You took the initiative to sign up for this list, and it's meant for you only.

There has existed for many years an exclusive association, a secret society... consisting of some of the world's most famous and powerful people.

These include renowned actors and musicians, leading scientists and intellectuals, self-made entrepreneurs and artists, millionaires, professional gamblers, Casanovas, statesmen.

Many of these people you would instantly recognize.

This association has hoarded some shockingly powerful secrets... and they share these secrets only amongst themselves.   In fact, these secrets are the reason these well-known individuals have achieved great prosperity.

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Straight From The Hollywood Underground...

Back in 2012 I was in Hollywood to give a presentation on, shall we say... pleasure techniques.

The presentation was held in a private "dungeon" in one of the seedier areas in north Hollywood.   Not only did the presentation go well, but I stayed for a party later on that evening.

You wouldn't believe who frequents this place... at least I didn't!

Artists, actors, writers, directors, a city councilwoman, the leader of a biker gang... the list goes on.

Many great connections were made, but the secrets of stardom wouldn't be revealed until months later.

Fast forward to Las Vegas in early 2014...

One of the Hollywood writers (you've probably watched some of the shows he has written for) bumped into me in Vegas and had a great deal to share about Hollywood, how he achieved his success, and a lot more.

He insisted that the occult was the way to success in Hollywood - and in any elite circles in the world.   He should know, since he's shorter and more rotund than I am, yet makes six figures a year, has a great home, and more women than he knows what to do with.

Once you are exposed to this secret system you will quietly profit from everyone, everywhere, every time.

Here are just a few of the secrets he shared with me:

Develop a more dynamic, commanding personality overnight

The secret of how to turn irresistible, instantly

How to develop - and gain unbelievably from - your Psychic Power Vision

The magic key to unsurpassed secret power

Eliminate fatigue and awkwardness with muscle tone control

How to use the secrets of Psychic Power Domination to control others at will

Instantly transform into the invincible self you wish to be

Think I'm Off Track?   Look At These Images:

Left to right:   Rihanna, Kanye West, Jay Z, Iggy Azalea, Axl Rose

On the left you can see Rihanna and Kanye West, two of the biggest stars in the world, flaunting images of the pentagram and Baphomet.

Jay Z is wearing a shirt with the slogan of infamous Magician Aleister Crowley - "Do What Thou Wilt"

Iggy Azalea, a bright new star, is wearing a dress with all sorts of occult symbols on it, including the pentagram

All the way to the right is rock mega-star Axl Rose wearing an image of Charles Manson at a concert

Celebrities often flaunt the hidden knowledge that allowed them to attain success.

Within minutes after receiving your Occult Superstar package you will be benefiting in every area of your life.   With the simple, easy to apply techniques, you'll be on virtual auto-pilot.

Your new powers will be used unconsciously and effortlessly!

The process is so natural and automatic, no one will ever detect you using the techniques.   They are subconsciously picked up by everyone you meet.

In addition to all of the benefits you gain, this secret system is the best insurance policy you could ever own.

You'll never be taken advantage of again in any business or personal relationship.   The methods protect you and give you the advantages needed so that you prosper even in challenging situations.   YOU'LL FEAR NO ONE!

Many who have used these methods have risen from living in dumps and projects to penthouses and multi-million-dollar custom homes because of these very same secrets.

These Techniques Will Work No Matter Where You're At In Life Or
What Your Goals Are...

It doesn't matter if you're tall, short, young, old, handsome, sexy, ugly, rich, or broke...

It doesn't matter if you want to be a big-shot actor, director, "star" - or you just want to get a promotion, find a new boyfriend / girlfriend, or start your own business - with just a few minutes of reading and practicing these exercises a week you will be on your way in no time at all.

And another thing:

Whatever your current religious beliefs, there is nothing "dark" or "sinister" about these methods.

Whether your interests take you down a "light" or "dark" path, there is plenty of information in Occult Superstar for you.   I have included a lot of information about the darker side of life in the bonuses, since that is what the elite and Hollywood normally seem to be interested in, but your success won't depend on having to do anything "evil."

Knowledge Like This Will Make People Tremble At Their Knees In Your Presence:

Control anyone and make any man or woman like you, admire you, or love you!

How to do the seemingly impossible using your "body electricity"

Create the right conditions to convert a desired miracle into reality

Enslave your "astral body" - using your conscious mind

Leap to goals that stagger your imagination

Banish nervous tension instantly

How to awaken your "Primitive Seeing Center"

See through a solid barrier

Learn the traits of people who enjoy massive success in life

Harness the staggering power of your brain waves - and aim them like ammunition

Get immediate power to perform a new skill expertly

Learn how to transfer all money, power, prestige from the uninformed to you... instantly

Alter yourself from sexual obscurity to sexual potency instantly

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Special Bonus #1:   Brainwashing & the Cults - An Expose On Capturing The Human Mind   (120 pages)

What is that sinister force influencing the innermost recesses of the human mind, effecting a radical transformation of beliefs and behavior?

What malevolent power robs the human of his free will, holding him mentally and physically captive, ultimately distorting his inborn instinct for self-survival, causing him to destroy himself?

What frightening device transforms man into an inhuman robot with no feelings or compassion toward others, into something less than human?

These questions and more are addressed in Brainwashing & the Cults!

Special Bonus #2 - Satan, Sorcery, and Sex   (155 pages)

The revival of sex-and-violence cults across America and the world is putting dangerous power into the hands of black magicians who know how to manipulate man's dark and primitive desires for their own ends.

In this startling volume a dedicated researcher with first-hand experience of witchcraft reveals the growing danger that anyone, without warning, may be possessed by the forces of evil!

In this fearless expose of human evil you'll find the incredible answers to questions like these:

Why are educated men and women claiming that group sex rituals are the key to true power?

How did Charles Manson subject his harem of twenty witches to his will?

The truth about covens, secret orders, and insane rituals!

Special Bonus #3 - The Black Mass in History   (194 pages)

A Black Mass is a ritual characterized by the inversion of the Traditional Latin Mass celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church.   The history of such rituals is unclear before the modern era.   The Black Mass was allegedly celebrated during the Witches' Sabbath.

As recently as September 2014 the Black Mass has made a comeback - in Oklahoma City, of all places!

As society continues to change you can plan on seeing more public rituals along the lines of the Black Mass - and needless to say, many more will be performing these privately.

Rumored to be the preferred ritual of the Hollywood elite, here is an historical guide to the Black Mass so you can be on guard against it, recognize elements of one when you see it, and even create your own rituals if you so desire.

Special Bonus #4 - Dreams and How to Guide Them   (150 pages)

Lucid Dreaming is the scientifically proven ability to become conscious while dreaming - to "wake up" and take active control of your dreams.

In this heightened mental state you can:

Explore your dreamworld with total clarity, where everything you see, hear, touch, taste and smell can be as authentic as reality

Fulfill any fantasy like flying, having sex, base jumping, shapeshifting, time traveling, meeting your hero and visiting other worlds

Overcome personal issues like fears, phobias, anxieties, nightmares, past traumas and recurring dreams

Tap into your creative genius by creating music, seeking artistic imagery and conversing with your dreaming inner self

Your dreams will never be the same after reading this - and you'll be able to teach others how to guide their dreams!

Special Bonus #5 - Hypnotism   (272 pages)

"Hypnotism" is an excellent compilation of hypnotic knowledge from more than a dozen authorities on the subject.

We are hypnotized every day - or at least, people try to hypnotize us every day with advertising, commercials, and so forth.

After reading this you will be doing the hypnotizing!

Contents include: Hypnotism By Direct Suggestion * Unnoticed Aspects of Hypnotism * Animal Hypnotism * How to Control People in the Waking State * Suggestion in Trance Phenomena * Eradicating Morbid Suggestive Impressions with Hypnosis * How to Hypnotize Difficult Subjects * Personal Magnetism * Hypnotic States and their Next of Kin * Fundamental Principles of Hypnotism * Double and Multiple Identity * Voluntary and Non-Voluntary Hypnotism * How to Hypnotize and Awaken a Subject

Special Bonus #6 - Mind Powers - How To Use And Control Your Unlimited Potential   (259 pages)

This outstanding work will show you: Sophrology - a new form of hypnosis * Mind Control, Biofeedback, and Alpha Waves * Practical Exercises in Psychocybernetics * Parapsychology * Caslants' Method of Developing Paranormal Abilities * Telepathic Training * Telepathy and Emotion * Out-of-body experiences * The Human Aura * Healing Over Distances * The Dangers of Parapsychology * Edgar Cayce * Autogenic Training

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